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2012 Gardening Trends

Blog by Sara Kalke | January 6th, 2012

This balmy January weather have you thinking about your 2012 garden?  I LOVE my garden, and must admit that I've already started planning which veggies I'm going to plant in my little backyard plot this spring.  Here is an article from the Lois Hole Garden Centre's owner, Jim Hole, on what he predicts will be the trends for the 2012 garden (see below for part of the article and the link to the Journal website).  Home vegetable gardening (woo-hoo!), water-wise plants (ditch that lawn in favor of local grasses and hardy plants!), "vertical gardening" (living walls, vines, etc.) and ORANGE plants are all on his list...  I certainly see more and more buyers looking for vegetable gardens (or possibilities to put in gardens) when they're home shopping, so I totally believe the first trend.  I'll be interested to see how the other three of his predictions fare as the year progresses. 

Until then, don't we have a winter coming?

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- Sara

Hot trends to look for in the 2012 garden


EDMONTON - I just completed a thorough meta-analysis of the gardening trends for 2012. OK, to be honest, the analysis wasn’t that sophisticated. But I did put together a list of trends from the gardening articles and websites I look at. Here’s where I see the gardening world heading in 2012.

First off, vegetable or kitchen gardening will continue to grow in popularity. Surveys show that the space dedicated to edible plants has been growing by a few percentage points each year for the past several years. What better way to eat local? Move over, 100-Mile Diet. The zeitgeist for 2012 is the 10-Metre Diet where gardeners wander into their yards to pull out a few fresh vegetables for supper.

As an offshoot of the renewed popularity of growing one’s own food, more gardeners will also head out to their front yards rather than to their backyards to pick vegetables this year. Once considered tacky, the idea of front-yard vegetable patches is taking root now that growing your own food has become cool. Besides, who says edible plants can’t be beautiful?

See the full article by clicking HERE.