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$2M Survival Bunkers Sold Out

Blog by Sara Kalke | August 28th, 2012

So this is a random story I found, but I thought it was so nutty I had to share:

No Need To Panic - But Survival Condo's Apocalypse-Proof Bunkers Are Now Sold Out

by , 05/29/12




We have covered doomsday bunkers before, from the stylish t0 those that are now eco-hostels, but these refuges have been in development since the 1960s. Developed by Larry Hall, a former software engineer, Survival Condo is a converted Atlas F missile silo that features luxury apartments should the ‘end of the world’ arrive.

This month all of the units sold out and it looks like the waiting list is also filling up. But why are so many people keen to buy one – especially as they are $2 million apiece for a 1,820-square-foot unit....  Full Story at: Inhabitat

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Does bring me to the point that we all should have some kind of a game-plan for an emergency... here is the Canadian government's Emergency Preparedness Checklist (below).  It won't save you from vampires or zombies, but probably smart for all families to have:

Basic emergency kit items

Happy 2012!