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Kitchen Trends and Some Drool-Worthy Dream Homes!

Blog by Sara Kalke | July 19th, 2010

Kitchen Trends and Some Drool-Worthy Dream Homes!

So, it's time for my husband and I to renovate the 1980's kitchen in our 1940's house. As any of you know who have built your home or gone through the process of renovating, there are so many decisions to be made, and all of them have pretty substantial price tags attached. 

There are a few kitchen trends that I have been quite excited about over the years, especially the move to clean lines, colour contrasts, and especially WHITE CABINETS, so now that we've committed, I'm here to share the latest and greatest in kitchen trends and ideas with you.

About our house: we live in a small house in the lovely Mill Creek neighborhood area commonly known as "skunk hollow" - yes, there are skunks, and yes we can tell you how to most effectively rid your dog of skunk scent. Anyway, our home is a 1940's semi-bungalow with some strange but wonderful features, such as the wood ceilings in the kitchen. We want to keep the classic feel, with a modern yet cottage twist, so we're going for white kitchen cabinets, but have let our imaginations run wild with the appliances... okay, maybe too wild, but kitchens ARE the #1 most important room for adding re-sale value to a home. 

I'll post more about our picks and our experience later, but first off, here is a link to one of my favorite websites, the Kohler website, and a few KITCHEN TRENDS, DREAM HOMES, and some drool-worthy properties:

Kohler "Idea Homes":  http://www.ca.kohler.com/planning/landing.jsp?section=3&nsection=3&nsubsection=7 - notice all the white kithens?!! My favorite is the "New Orleans Shotgun Cottage" - near the bottom of the page.

Happy browsing! Please let me know if you have any ideas, suggestions or stories about your renovations!

- Sara