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Increased Closing Costs - 2015 Budget Rate Hikes

Blog by Sara Kalke | March 28th, 2015

The new budget is in from the Province of Alberta, and the biggest change for real estate is the hike in Land Title and Mortgage Registration fees.  Please see the table below from the Alberta Real Estate Association (AREA)'s news release on the topic.  Registration for a $500,000 home with a $400,000 mortgage is going up from $280 to $1,230.  

Here are a few other values:

$350,000 home with 5% down ($332,500 mortgage):

Land Title Registration: $495
Mortgage Registration:  $474
TOTAL:                        $969

$1,000,000 home with 20% down ($800,000 mortgage):

Land Title Registration:  $1,275
Mortgage Registration:   $1,035
TOTAL:                         $2,310

Definitely a big change, and one to budget for in your "closing costs"!

Questions?  I'm here to help!

Sara Kalke

Increases to fees are certainly never welcomed and the table below details the impact of these increases on the fees for a $500,000 home with a $400,000 mortgage:


Fees Prior to July 1, 2015
($50 + $1 per $5,000 increment)

Fees After July 1, 2015
($75 + $6 per $5,000 increment)

Land Title Registration



Mortgage Registration






Though the increase as of July 1st represents a hike of more than 400% for the real estate consumer, the cost of real estate transfers in Alberta remains lower than other provinces. This can be attributed to the continued avoidance of a Land Transfer Tax in Alberta at either the provincial or local levels.

Click here to view information on AREA’s positions on both Land Transfer Tax and enhancements to the Land Titles Registry.