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5 Reasons Why You Should Paint Your Front Door Before Selling

Blog by Sara Kalke | September 5th, 2013

28 Lovely Colored Front Doors

Photo via Pinterest

Remember the old shampoo commercials that said you only have one chance to make a first impression? 

I am a total stickler for detail.  Being detail oriented is what I am paid for, so I take home staging and presenting the best side of my listings very seriously.  My suggestions at homes often begin with manicuring the front yard, and yes, PAINTING the front door!  I usually suggest painting the front door a bold, bright colour, such as the blue in the photo above.  First Impressions are SO important!  Buyers are deciding if they like your home from the second they pull up.

5 Reasons Why You Should Paint Your Front Door Before Selling (preferrably a bright colour):
  1.  It draws the eye from the second the buyers pull up.  Buyers are immediately focused on entering your house.
  2.  It makes your home memorable and unique.  You can control the label of your home to buyers.  Homes with brightly coloured doors often end up being called "the blue door house" or "the red door house," which is much much better than "the cat house" or the "brown carpet house."
  3.  It gives the first impression of maintenance rather than neglect.  This is so crucial.  Why start off in buyer's minds adding to their "to do" list?  We all have enough to do.  Treat them to curb appeal that says, "this home is MOVE-IN READY!" 
  4. Remember that buyers pause at your front door while their agent is obtaining the keys from the keybox.  Because of this, buyers spend an extra minute or two looking around at the front door to your home.  If the front door has cobwebs, scuffs and chipping paint, you are giving the buyers a bad first impression!
  5. It costs next to nothing and may help you get a higher price for your home!  If you read through points 1 to 4 you will realize these are all aspects that can help you get more money for your home. 

Convinced yet?  If you have a custom wood door or a really beautiful natural feel to your home, sometimes leaving the door natural and adding some coloured accents such as the flowers in the photo above can be just as good.

Success Tips:

  • Hire a Realtor who cares about staging and presentation (me!).  I will give you advice on what needs to be done in order of priority to MAXIMIZE YOUR SALE PRICE.  I help buyers make the huge decision of which home to buy for a living!  I know what buyers say and what is important. 
  • If you are doing the painting yourself, be sure to get the correct type of paint that works with the current finish on the door so you only do the job once, the right way.
  • Don't neglect the area around the door - paint the threshhold as well as the door jamb.
  • While you're at it, dust off cobwebs, get a new mailbox (they start at $14 at Home Depot so no excuses!)

Questions? Comments? I'd love to hear from you!


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