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Defeat Toxic Dust with a Damp Cloth

Blog by Sara Kalke | August 28th, 2012

Ew.  Just read an article on the David Suzuki website that says "household dust is now recognized as one of the most significant sources of childhood exposure to toxic substances.".  That's awful!  Experts say this is especially harmful for children as dust contains all sorts of nasty chemicals.  Here is the beginning of the article and a link to the website for other green cleaning tips:

Photo: Dust to tackle toxics in the home

But my husband and I have set some TV boundaries: never one per room, never in the bedroom, never on all day for white noise (especially when entertaining guests). And we're gearing up for "no TV before two years old" because it affects little brains.

Problem is, that TV — couch, carpets, curtains and other furniture and electronics, too — are shedding toxics every day.

No need to get rid of it, although I've heard some people live without television...The simple answer is to dust.

Studies have shown that consumer products, not stuff coming out of smokestacks, are the likely source of flame retardants or, PBDEs (polybrominated diphenyl ethers) that are building up in people and animals.

These toxic chemicals have been linked to cancer, adverse effects on the developing brain, and immune and reproductive problems. They are also persistent and bioaccumulative, which means they build up in the environment and our bodies (and in animals like polar bears and killer whales).

These chemicals contaminate household dust, posing a substantial health risk to people. In fact, household dust is now recognized as one of the most significant sources of childhood exposure to toxic substances.

Studies show that dust is really a chemical soup with low levels of flame retardants, phthalates, metals like lead, mercury and arsenic, and pesticides.

Solution? Dust with a damp cloth weekly or wet mop twice a week if you have a crawling child.

Full article available HERE.