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Home Design 101: The Kitchen Sink!

Blog by Sara Kalke | December 18th, 2012

The rustic stone in this kitchen brings in the perfect touch of nature. More traditional kitchen ideas: http://www.bhg.com/kitchen/styles/traditional/traditional-kitchen-ideas/#page=13

Thinking about renovating or building a new home perhaps?  I often have clients tell me how overwhelming it can be to start a renovation, or to picture a home after renovations.  This explains why so many houses with a even few key design flaws sit on the market for so long.  So, I have decided to dedicate a series of blog articles to home design, from my perspective, that is, someone who sees buyers reject homes all day long, and helps sellers make the little changes to take their homes from "for sale" to SOLD!

So, where to begin?  With THE KITCHEN SINK of course!  The kitchen is the hub in any home, the most important room for resale, and of course, the most expensive room to change.  Buyers will often immediately reject a home if the kitchen doesn't work, even if the rest of the home is perfect!  So if you have a kitchen you want to update, or if you are building a new home, I am a firm believer that you have to begin with the kitchen, more specifically, the kitchen sink!

Questions to ask yourself about your kitchen sink!
  1. Do you want to be able to look outside from your kitchen sink, specifically into the backyard to watch the little ones or the view?
  2. What kind of natural light would you like at your kitchen sink or in your kitchen in general?
  3. The most important FUNCTIONAL space in your kitchen is the countertop area between your sink and your stove... do you want to be turning around to get from your sink to your stove, or would you prefer to do all of your washing and prepping in a direct line with your stove, so you're not dropping broccoli on the floor?!

Now you should be able to see what I am talking about - all three questions should be relatively straightforward to answer!  MOST home-buyers want a view from the sink, natural light, and a functional kitchen where food preparation and cooking is as easy as possible.  Suddenly we have gone from limitless options, to a pretty specific floor plan!  There are only so many places in a home where the kitchen sink can go really, and the rest of the design follows from there!

Here are a few photos of fabulous kitchens... more can be found in my Kitchen Perfection page on Pinterest!

Nice detail work on the end of the island. Not a big fan of marble backsplashes, but that's just me.like the facing over the hood fan

Two examples of island kitchens, with island sinks.  In the photo on the left, note the sink is directly across from the stove, but the homeowner installed a tap above the stove for easy water access.  The sink faces out towards the open dining room which allows for natural light and an open floor plan.  In the photo on the right, there is an abundance of natural light.  You can't see the sink but I'm assuming it is directly across from the stove like in the first photo.  Great open design but a big pain for prep.


Very nice. Like the cabinet facing on the refrigerator.Panoramic views and exposed wood gives this kitchen a beachy feel. See the rest of it here: http://www.bhg.com/decorating/decorating-style/cottage/ocean-inspired-kitchen-makeover/?socsrc=bhgpin092712oceaninspiredmakeover

The kitchen on the left is an example of an island kitchen with TWO sinks - a small bar-style sink on the island, and the big sink under the window.  Note the prep space between the sink and the stove.  This is my favorite style of kitchen design.  The kitchen on the right has a similar plan, with a gorgeous view too!

Questions?  Comments?  Want a second opinion on your renovation or building designs?  I'd be happy to help!


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