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Puppies & Moms! Supporting the Edmonton Humane Society

Blog by Sara Kalke | September 6th, 2011

2011 has been an awesome year so far, with special thanks to all of my fabulous past clients who have sent me their family and friends!   One of the ways I celebrate each sale is by making a donation to the Edmonton Humane Society.  This year's donation has been made in part by sponsoring a RED WARD at the Edmonton Humane Society.  These wards are not open to the general public, so if you have been to the Humane Society, you won't be able to see my little plaque, but hopefully you'll see puppies or dogs who have once been in the red ward, who are now up for adoption to their forever homes.

Here is a little information from Marissa at the Edmonton Humane Society on the Red Wards:

"Our Red Wards (we have three of them) are for puppies and moms with new litters that are not available for adoption yet. There might be a variety of reasons why these dogs might not be ready for adoption: for example, they might be strays, too young, or they are waiting for behavior and/or medical clearance (for example, their spay or neuter surgery). Before all dogs are put up for adoption, they go through a scientifically developed and validated behavior evaluation which helps our behaviorists determine what the dog’s personality type is, and therefore help us determine the best option for the dog. Also, we have a foster care program for animals that need some extra care and attention outside of the shelter environment, or because they need some minor behavior modification. When moms and puppies are waiting for their turn in foster care, or are waiting for their behavior exam and/or surgeries, they will wait in one of the Red Wards."

Here is the link to the Edmonton Humane Society if you would like more information on sponsoring or volunteering:  http://www.edmontonhumanesociety.com/