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Moving? Don't Forget to Change Your Address!

Blog by Sara Kalke | October 27th, 2011

Congratulations - you have bought a new home!  Don't forget to change your address with all those people who need to send you mail... yep, most of them are bills that you don't want, but paying your bills beats sitting in the dark! 

Here are a few resources for places to change your address:

Canada Post:  http://www.smartmoves.ca/  Register for a permanent change of address online!
E-Post:  http://www.canadapost.ca/cpo/mc/personal/epost/default.jsf  Get your bills sent to you online!  Paper is so old school...

Here is a short checklist of places to notify as well:

  • Motor Vehicles Branch: drivers license, vehicle and plate registrations.
  • Health Insurance: health insurance programs
  • Canada Pension Plan
  • Canada Customs and Revenue Agency: child tax benefit, GST rebate, income tax.
  • Utilities: electric/hydro supplier, natural gas, utility services phone company, cable, cellular phone, satellite, internet, e-mail (if necessary) and other communication service providers.
  • Insurance Companies: life, home and auto.
  • Financial Institutions: banks, mortgage brokers, Financial Adviser investment firms and credit card companies.
  • Doctors, schools, daycares, work place.
  • Memberships, reward programs, newspaper and magazine subscriptions, clubs, newsletters.
  • If you have your mail forwarded permanently through Canada Post, you'll receive all your mail even if you forget a few.

    Happy moving! 

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