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Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Blog by Sara Kalke | September 30th, 2015

FALL Home Maintenance Tips!

- check seals everywhere: windows, doors, weatherstripping - you don't want those teeny critters getting in!
- ensure grade around your house (the slope of the landscaping around your foundation) is sloped properly, top up where needed
- clean and rinse your eavestroughs
- check your shingles, or have them checked by a pro
- re-seed patchy spots in your garden
- cover and store all patio furniture
- remove dirt from plant pots and store for the winter
- drain all rain barrels and turn upside down

- shut off and drain any exterior taps that aren't the "frost-free" kind
- have your wood-burning fireplace checked, cleaned or certified by a WETT professional
- change the direction of your ceiling fan to direct warm air downward
- test and change the batteries in smoke detectors, or replace where necessary
- make sure your fire extinguishers are not expired
- stock up on furnace filters, have your furnace cleaned if necessary (once every two years is what my furnace company said)
- test your sump pump

These are all important things to do for your home, yet easy ones to forget!


Sara Kalke