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It's Easy Being Green in Edmonton

Blog by Sara Kalke | March 27th, 2012

As Kermit the Frog says... "it ain't easy being green".   That's what most homeowners think.  There are a few green heroes who are willing to compost, plant indiginous species gardens in pesticide-free yards, grow their own fruits and vegetables, and even a brave few willing to raise backyard hens for their own eggs... now that's eating local! 

Actually, there are a few very simple ways that you can "green" your home that will make you a green hero without having to get your hands dirty:

1) GREEN POWER:  did you know that Alberta's electricity consists of 45% coal generated power, and 38% natural gas?  You can "green" your power using Bullfrog Power - they work with your current electricity provider to green the energy for your home.  Basically they add the equivalent amount of power to the grid that you use every month, from wind generated power, rather than conventional sources.  It costs very little - the average cost for my 1,300 ft2 house (where my home office and my husband's photo studio are) per month is $4!

2) RECYCLE:  Edmonton has one of the nation's most advanced recycling systems. Plastics, cardboard, boxboard,
magazines, milk cartons, phone books and more are recycled through Blue Bags, Blue Bins and much more can be recycled at Eco Stations.  No need to sort your recycling - just toss it in a blue bag or blue bin and it's easy being green.

3) SHOP LOCAL:  According to live-local.ca, "shopping locally pumps more money right into our local economy. Studies show that for every $100 that you spend locally, $48 stays in our community, as compared to just $13 when you shop at a big box or chain store."  Not only are there benefits to the community's finances, there are significant benefits to the environment!

If you decide to go really green (or at least do what you can like me), some great resources can be found at greenedmonton.ca and E-Sage.

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