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MidModYEG and A 2017 Experiment

Blog by Sara Kalke | February 11th, 2017

This year, my husband and I decided to go on an adventure: a year of buying nothing.

We can buy experiences, food, books, and necessities, but nothing else. Yes, I see the irony given that I'm a sales person!!!!

Sometimes being a "professional shopper" (as I like to put it) has its downside, which is that I always feel like buying something for myself, either as a reward after a long day or as a celebration after a sale.

My husband and I bought and renovated a mid-century modern house in 2015, which meant we were continually discussing renovations, and like most families, all of the other random stuff we wanted.

I know many of my clients can relate to this process, either with deciding whether or not to move, considering renovations, working through the resale process, or ultimately wanting a simpler, happier life in the new home that they purchase.

The "buy nothing" project is all about finding joy, living mindfully and being grateful for everything that we have.......

And I have to put it out there: You should still call me if you want to buy a house ; )

Here is the link to MidModYEG and our first Buy Nothing Year post.