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Sell Your Edmonton Home for More

Blog by Sara Kalke | March 15th, 2012

So it's nearly spring, and with spring often comes the urge to move.  Most homeowners wouldn't mind doing a little work here and there if it means getting more money for their home.   I often see homes that could use just a few minor (and relatively inexpensive) changes which would increase their value and "wow factor" for potential buyers significantly.  That's great when the sellers are my clients, so we can work through the items, on a cost vs. return basis... but when I am showing these homes to buyers, it makes me just plain sad.  Buyers start to add up "work" that is needed in a home, and then subtract a number from your asking price, or worse, walk away from your home entirely.

There are many homes out there that could be sold in a short amount of time, for much more than the sellers are asking, but sit on the market because of clutter and cosmetic work that no one had time to get to, in my humble opinion.  That said, when working with buyers, we take full advantage of this fact, and can often get the property for what I like to call the "imagination discount", i.e. the effort and energy it takes to see past the cosmetics and clutter.  Get my point?  The devil is in the details as they say.  So when it's time to sell, for goodness sake, call someone who cares enough to help you maximize your return on your home (like me!).

Here are my "Top 3" ways to add value to your home.  Free advice!

1) DECLUTTER:  Really.  Do it.  Rent a storage bin, storage unit, or bribe your friends to store your stuff in their garage.  Even better, donate items you won't use (or haven't used in a couple years) to charity.  Start with the main living areas - kitchen, living room, dining area, pantry, front closet, then do your master bedroom, other bedrooms, and finally the basement.  Once all of these are done, get to the garage.  Don't work backwards or you might just burn out before you get to the areas that are really important.  Your home will seem larger, brighter, and like it needs less work.  These things usually equate directly to more $$ in your pocket, and a shorter sale time.

2) QUALITY PAINT:  Notice the word quality.  Walk through your house and look for any areas that have dings, scratches, stains, etc. on the walls.  Especially look in the hallways and stairways, where buyers have nothing else to look at.  Paint is cheap, but not easy.  Make an effort to paint so it looks like a professional did the work, or even better, hire a professional. 

3) FIX WHAT NEEDS FIXING:  This one seems fairly obvious, but really isn't!  There is a fine art to knowing what upgrades in your home will get you more money and what will just waste your hard earned cash.  Don't be the sellers who put in a $40,000 kitchen upgrade package in a starter home.  You won't get your money back!  Call someone who knows what sells, what comparable homes in your area are worth, and what upgrades you should do.  Like me.

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