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Selling a condo requires a specialized level of experience and care.  Below is a list of the most common mistakes that condo sellers make and how I help my clients avoid them!

Top 5 Mistakes Condo Sellers Make

1)  Not Hiring a Professional Agent:
  Selling a condo requires a particular skill set, with special experience and care to the details associated with condo living.  I have been involved in the sale of over a hundred condos*, from townhomes to penthouses to micro-lofts, and know the many details involved from listing them correctly to selling them smoothly.

2)  Not Knowing the Basics:  Is your condo a bareland condo or a conventional condo?  Is your parking stall titled or assigned?  What does your condo fee include?  I will verify all of the crucial facts upon listing your condo.

3)  Not Knowing the Building:
  Is your building currently experiencing major problems, or is it a well-maintained condo?  Some condos have a frightening record of issues with moisture and flooding, special assessments and high condo fees.  Others have an equally frightening lack of foresight with too-low condo fees and little maintenance.  The reputation of your condo preceeds buyers with savvy agents. 

4)  Not Being Prepared:  Did you know that condo management companies by law have up to 10 BUSINESS DAYS to provide condo documents, when most offers will only provide for 3-5 business days for delivery of documents?  Don't be left scrambling for documents at the last moment and risk losing a sale!  We order the condo documents upon listing your condo, and 

5) Not Using Technology:  I have all condo documents scanned to a Dropbox folder, so that I am able to provide them immediately upon my sellers accepting an offer.  This is not only crucial for speeding up a sale, it is very useful for reference when there are questions about a building.  Say goodbye to giant envelopes, wasted time driving and worrying that your documents will never be returned!


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*First as a licensed real estate assistant and as an independent licensed REALTOR® since 2010!


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