First Time Buyers: I'm here to help!

Congratulations!  You are considering making your first home purchase and joining the many Edmontonians who are proud to own their own home.  Along with the excitement, you probably have many questions, from how the process works, to how to choose the right property, and how all of the details come together so you can move into your own place.

I often work with first time buyers, and thoroughly enjoy the process every time.  I created my Targeted Buyer's Program with you in mind, so you are informed, empowered and supported every step of the way.  No question is a bad question in my books - I'm here for you.  

Questions?  Ready to begin? 

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The Process

One of the questions most buyers start with is: what is the buying process?  

1)  BUYER CONSULTATION meeting:  This is the first and most important step of the process.  This is when we meet, go through all of the steps of buying a home, including how the money works, how to avoid common buying mistakes, and an extensive resource package including a copy of the purchase contract and other paperwork.  Most importantly, I will LISTEN to you - what kind of a home you are looking for, your timeline, your hopes, your questions, etc.  With my Targeted Buying Program, we will begin to narrow down the possibilities and create a shortlist for our first shopping trip.

2)  SHOPPING!  This is the fun part - many people say buying is stressful - not with me!  I know not everyone likes shopping as much as I do, so my Targeted Buying Plan skips past the stressful part and straight to the fun.  With knowledge of the Edmonton market, the buyer consulation meeting, and my years of experience in the real estate industry, forget those days of seeing dozens and dozens of properties that you aren't interested in.  Once we start shopping, usually we can narrow down the search and find the perfect place quickly and efficiently so you don't have to shop till you drop.

3)  PAPERWORK, LAWYERS & MONEY... oh my!  Now this is where the rubber really hits the road with hiring a professional agent.  Buying a property is usually the largest financial decision anyone will make.  Most of the time everything goes smoothly, but I am trained to know how to help just in case things get a little tricky.  We will work closely with a network of other industry professionals: real estate lawyers, mortgage professionals, inspectors, tradespeople, my office Broker, etc., to address anything that might come up throughout the process.

4)  MOVING IN!  The most exciting day, where it all comes together.  And don't worry, just because you have the keys doesn't mean I'm not there for you still.  If you have any questions, I will be there for you until you're satisfied.


Common Mistakes Buyers Make 

In my BUYER RESOURCE PACKAGE, I have several resources just for you, including a section on Common Mistakes Buyers Make.  Here are few hi-lites - the package includes several more important factors to consider.

1)  Not Choosing a Professional Agent:  When you are buying, you are likely making the biggest purchase of your life.  This decision IS a big one, so why trust it to just anyone?  When you work with a professional agent (like me!), you can rest easy knowing I have been through the process many many times.  Would you want an agent who is only available part-time, or an agent who sells real estate FULL TIME, and whose sole income relies on successful transactions (like me!)?

2)  Not Considering your Buying Style:  what kind of a buyer are you?  How do you like to be treated?  Do you like the "hard-sell" approach, or would you prefer to be guided through the process by a listening, supportive professional?  I like to think of my approach as that of your real estate consultant, rather than a real estate salesperson.  Yes, I do sell properties, but my business is based on more than sales... it's all about YOU!!  Listening to your needs, helping you through the process, and being here for you every step of the way, no matter how fast you like to make a decision.  That's why most of my business is from word-of-mouth referrals - I not only want to help you buy a property, I want to be your choice when it comes to referring your friends and family, and to help you when it is time to sell down the road.

I would love to meet with you to go through the rest of my BUYER RESOURCE PACKAGE, and to show you how I can help.

Additional Resources 

Here are a few additional resources for you to look through. 

Verico Brokers for Life has created a mortgage guide with info on how mortgages work, from definitions to CMHC premiums plus much more.  See the PDF by clicking here:  Edmonton Mortgage Guide

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RE/  Condo Buyers Guide:

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How REALTORS® Help Buyer Resources:

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