TAKEAWAYS / Edmonton Real Estate Market Report > 4th Quarter 2016

The 2016 statistics summary from the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton is out.

I’ve reviewed it and here are my takeaways:

  1. We ended the year up only 2% in terms of inventory over 2015, but remember December tends to be a time that sellers take their homes off the market, so I’m not counting a market trend rather a seasonal one,

  2. Condo sale prices are still undeniably down from 2015, a trend I expect to continue through 2017 as the inventory of rental units continues to climb,

  3. The average and median single family dwelling prices are hovering at a steady level.

A few details to note:

  • There was a overall lower demand for real estate in 2016, with a drop of 7.38% in total sales volume. Inventory stayed up throughout the year, but I’ll be interested to see how many people decide to re-list properties in 2017.

  • When considering the “days on market” statistic: it is common practice in Edmonton for agents to “re-list” properties every 60 days, so my expectation is that the actual days on market number is a fair bit longer.

2017 is going to be another year where pricing, strategy and an effective marketing plan make all the difference between selling and sitting on the market.

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2016 residential prices resilient through economic downturn

Winter season sales and inventory decrease

The Edmonton Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) real estate market marked a year of overall stability in 2016. Prices were also consistently stable with only a slight decrease throughout 2016.

Relative to 2015, prices decreased with:

  • condominiums declining 0.53%

  • single family homes declining only 0.86%

  • duplexes and rowhouses, accounting for approximately 10% of all unit sales, experienced the most decline in prices, decreasing 5.22%

Running the numbers:

  • 16,170 residential unit were reported sold in 2016, compared to 17,325 in 2015

  • 57 was the average number of days on market in 2016 for sold units — up six days from the average of 51 days on market in 2015

  • 52% sales to listing ratio, indicating a fairly balanced market